The Internet is a rapidly evolving environment. Business and consumer usage patterns are continually modified as advances in hardware and software technology enable new trading and data exchange methods. Keeping up with the opportunities is a full time task… unless somebody does it for you.'s editorial team does more than keep up with the latest trends and system capabilities: it looks ahead, analysing the likely exploitation and benefits of breaking technologies. Our Technology Analysis Reports, supplemented by background information and supporting statistics, will be posted in the corporate members' area of our web site following our public launch in September, whilst items of general interest will be distributed to all members who choose to receive our regular newsletters.


In addition to our editorial output, custom software systems automatically monitor key aspects of Internet usage, gathering an immense wealth of data from which specific and detailed analyses may be drawn. Summary statistics and's unique Business Analysis Reports will be provided to corporate members on our web site, as will our Marketing Query Engine: a powerful reporting system, providing instant and up-to-the-minute summaries of statistics and historical trends for each major market sector. offers a custom analysis service to corporate members, who may commission specific reports based on their own criteria. Our data mining technologies allow us to drill down to the finest detail of consumer or business use of the Internet, finding patterns and identifying consumer profiles that would otherwise be “lost in the noise” of an impressively large database's data mining and pattern recognition technology also assist in our campaign to eliminate online fraud. We detect and track fraudulent use of the Internet and provide our members with immediate e-alerts outlining the nature of the fraud, and including a detailed risk assessment based on the experience of our legal, technical and business experts. is completely aware of its responsibility to maintain complete confidentiality of the data it holds, and implements the provisions of the UK Data Protection Act. Systems holding company data have no external network connections and are completely secure from invasion.