's Assured Transaction Technology  alerts consumers to fraudulent imitations of registered Internet sites by means of a unique Data Triangulation technique. Software on the supplier's web server responds to each request for web pages by notifying it to's completely secured server, then downloading a small Java applet to the customer's browser.

The applet posts connection data and a verification request to the server, where the request is matched with the issuing server's notification of page delivery. If necessary, an additional  test of the issuing server's location and validity may be made before confirmation is provided.

If the connection is genuine, Assured Transaction Technology authenticates the site by displaying the customer's challenge phrase within the logo appearing on the supplier's web page . The logo will not appear unless the connection is safe, and it is impossible for a fraudulent imitation of the logo to bear the correct challenge phrase.


After the initial free registration at the's web site (taking about twenty seconds) no further action is required - there are no tedious password or log-in procedures required at the start of  browsing sessions, just safe connections to registered sites. Every time you  visit a registered web site, your individual challenge phrase appears automatically in the logo on that site. If it doesn't, don't spend any money on that site - it is not a secure connection.


The software installed on your web server requires no maintenance and cannot be compromised by hackers. If it fails to respond to verification requests from the server, those requests are denied and you receive an automatic e-alert advising of attack on your site. Your rapid response to this alert will minimize the loss of business from consumers being denied access to your site by fraudsters or malicious hackers. 


The technology that enables our primary service may be applied  to the validation of any point-to-point connection used to convey sensitive data. can provide proxy servers to corporate clients, allowing secure and easy access to registered web-sites;

  Assured Transaction Technology (ATT) may be used to validate extranet connections to commercial service providers;

  ATT may be licensed as a component of custom security systems developed by client companies.
Safety on the internet