The Internet has undoubtedly revolutionised the ease and scale of both private and business communications. Even the great information sharing milestones of printing, wireless and television cannot challenge the power of its global interactivity. Yet with the invaluable benefit of worldwide interaction comes the less-valued blight of wide reaching network crime.

As connectivity to the Internet expands, so does its attraction to lawless individuals and organisations. Criminal groups cooperate internationally in planning both conventional and computer crime, fraudsters attempt to hijack the legitimate trade of honest companies, and expert hackers prey on ever-increasing numbers of network targets - motivated by malice, direct financial gain, or the rewards of industrial espionage. is firmly committed to fighting these unwelcome intruders. We act as an international incident-reporting agency, collecting reports of suspicious Internet activity, providing our own research, and distributing our findings to affected individuals or organisations.

Although our patented Assured Transaction Technology leads the field in Internet fraud-prevention, it is only one of several forensic technologies employed to pursue invasive criminal acts on public or private networks. Our effectiveness in tracking criminals is extended by's cooperative working procedures with police forces and other, international, enforcement agencies.

Where frauds or other crimes target the Internet community as a whole, we release our findings to the press, publish them directly on our web site and send e-alerts to registered individual and corporate members. When the criminal's target is an individual or a particular company, we inform them privately and, if the target is a registered member, offer our advice on a remedy. also offers completely confidential services to companies or organisations concerned about the effect that public knowledge of potential or actual breaches in security would have on their business. Our consultancy group, including forensic accountants, network specialists and security experts, is able to analyse existing network security systems, identify weaknesses, propose improvements, and implement them. 

Where breaches have actually occurred, we not only provide the means to prevent further incursions, but apply our forensic technologies to detect the source of the attack and, if the client wishes, take appropriate action to bring offenders to justice.'s public service and privately commissioned investigations are essential components of our continuing campaign to make the Internet a safer and more secure environment for all.