The effort and ingenuity applied to Internet crime increases in step with the growing revenues generated by e-commerce. The nature and scale of these crimes is further expanded by the potential vulnerability to invasion of any computer system connected to the Internet. The attacks inflicted by this subversive industry include

       Diversion of trade and custom by imitation sites

  Credit card thefts from individuals by fraudulent imitation of legitimate retailing sites;

  Resale of credit card details obtained by intercepting transactions, or by invading systems containing the data;


  Sale of 'imitation' versions of manufacturers' copyright goods and brands;

  Copyright infringements against publishers;

  Industrial espionage, including theft of proprietary information, product plans, or sales and marketing data;

  Theft through the redirection of company funds. is particularly active in the area of fraud against individuals or organisations. Our patented Assured Transaction Technology prevents fraudulent imitation of the registered web sites of our members; but the risk of fraudulent transactions on unprotected sites remains a real threat to  consumers and suppliers.