Company Registration



A company's reputation for excellent service and fair dealing is a hard-won and valued achievement - central to its marketing effort.   In an unregulated world of the internet, this reputation is at risk.   Imitation sites can pretend to be one of the major brand names and divert sales from genuine suppliers.

It is all too easy for a fraudulent party to pretend to be a major brand name supplier. Such a party can register a domain name which is very similar to the genuine name. He can then ‘lift’ all the pages off the genuine site and import them into his site.

Consumer apprehension

Furthermore, for so long as consumers are cognisant of the potential for  fraud, they will be reluctant to purchase goods and services on the net, thus inhibiting the growth potential of this medium.

TradeSafely.Com's patented Assured Transaction Technology (ATT) enables transactions between consumers and suppliers to be conducted in a safe environment, without risk of imitation by fraudulent third parties.

Encryption technology  and public key infrastructure does not solve the problem of fraudulent replica sites.  Any   imitator can install the software and issue his own 'certificate'.  Encrypted   data that is entirely secure in transit may be delivered safely into the hands of a fraudulent  third party, who will abuse it at will.

The membership or association logos that several schemes currently employ may be readily copied and incorporated into illegal sites, providing no protection whatsoever.'s advanced technology ensures that our distinctive, intelligent logo, carrying a customer-specific challenge phrase, can appear only on the protected sites of registered suppliers.'s   Assured Transaction Technology ensures that registered   sites to which consumers are connected,  are authentic.

The Consumers' Association and other accreditation bodies

The Consumers' association and other accreditation agencies will be invited to add their Logo to ours.   The  TradeSafely. Com logo confirms the authenticity and  identity of the party concerned   and the accreditation agencies, through their vetting procedures, confirm the quality of the party's operation.



Credit Card fraud is a great threat to growth of online trading. Too many thieves are using other people’s credit cards and thus defrauding card holders and the Banks / Credit Card providers.

Banks are reluctant to divulge the true scale of Credit Card fraud but the amounts are vast, and growing. Banks and Credit Card providers are already beginning to pass on such charges to the retailers, and therefore to the consumers.



This patented triangular technology enables TradeSafely.Com  to contact the owner of the card, electronically, so as to obtain his / her approval to the expenditure on their card. If the owner responds positively, the risk of fraud to the Credit Card Provider is substantially minimised  (and,  with the next module of the programme, virtually eliminated ).  If the owner fails to confirm the transaction, the card is not debited. If the owner asserts that he has not made the purchase, the Credit Card Provider is immediately notified and alerted to the possibility that the Card is ‘hot’. This technology is a major step in reducing the risk of fraudulent use of Credit Cards.

The unique benefits of registration with are provided at modest cost to companies, and free of charge to consumers.