Registration Benefits for Corporate Members


The primary benefit to member companies is a license to use Assured Transaction Technology, giving registered consumers confidence that their connection to you is genuine. ATT, not only alerts your registered customers to attempted fraud, but provides you with automatic warnings when your Internet business is attacked.

Your ATT  license is supplemented by a a complete package of on- and off-line supporting services which will help shape your decisions as you adapt your web presence to a changing market.


On-line information services are available at no additional cost from a secure area of the website reserved for licensed members.

    Fraud Risk Assessment Reports provide statistics, advises of potential risks and explain the methods of successful and failed fraud attempts

    Business Analysis Reports detail consumer browsing and purchasing trends across the Internet and comment on the methods employed to gain market share in a difficult medium

    Technology Analysis Reports explain the impact new hardware and software technologies will have on e-commerce and information exchange

    A Marketing Query Engine enables you to make custom enquiries about Internet usage in areas key to your business

    The Knowledgebase acts as a repository for articles and research of direct relevance to Internet business


Off-line services provide a number of consultancy options dealing with more specific needs available only to member companies.

  Forensic Services - tracking down and stopping specific frauds against member companies

  Web consultancy - providing the balance of expertise needed to complete more advanced web presences 

  Data Mining - extremely detailed research on specific topics or proposals using advanced search technology is continually refining the services offered to all its members, helping to define the way in which e-commerce can grow without risk. The brand will become synonymous with safe Internet commerce and the fight against computer crime; providing assurance to our consumers and enhanced reputation to our corporate members.